Canbrush C1 Clear Gloss Spray Paint 400ml

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Canbrush C1 Clear Gloss Spray Paint All Purpose DIY Metal Wood Plastic 400ml

This paint is from the standard colour range. It delivers vibrant and opaque colours for almost every exterior surface. They are always a good choice when a uniform appearance is desired without any special effects.

  • High coverage
  • Petrol resistant properties
  • Non-cracking formulation
  • TIP: Use white or silver as a base coat for best results

Application Steps:

Step 1: 

  • Before starting, always read instructions on aerosol can carefully
  • Ensure you are in a well ventiated area
  • Prepare and cover the area you are planning to do your spray painting with some old newspaper

Step 2:

  • Make sure the surface of the object to be painted is clean, degreased and dry
  • Sand the rough surface with fine grain sand paper and remove the dust with a tack cloth

Step 3:

  • Practice your spraying technique to determine the spraying distance, the speed of the application etc

Step 4:

  • Try to paint in straight passes from beginning to end and be sureto overlap slightly on each stroke to prevent sagging

Step 5:

  • Apply primer using the steps above before applying your favourite coat to improve adherence and durability

Step 6:

  • Apply multiple thin coats, allowing each coat to dry slightly before applying the next

Step 7:

  • Clean the nozzle after use to prevent blockage. To do this, invert the can and press the nozzle a few times until transparent propellant comes out.

Please note:

Due to printing limitations, the colour may vary from the cap and can colour.

400ml Cans have 100ml paint and 300ml propellant. It will do approx. 1m2 of one coat.

200ml Cans have 50ml paint and 150ml propellent. It will do approx. 0.5m2 of one coat.

The above estimates are based on using a primer first especially on porous surfaces where the paint gets absorbed into the material.

We recommend using a primer then paint followed by clear lacquer for best results. Always try on a small area first before spraying the whole area.

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