U-POL Power Can Gloss White Topcoat Aerosol Spray Paint 500ml

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Upol Power Can Gloss White Topcoat Fast Drying Aerosol Spray Paint 500ml

  • Power Can Gloss White is a 1K, ready to use White in an aerosol.
  • It is used for finishing coated surfaces in order to achieve a high quality, UV resistant, durable finish.
  • Power Can Gloss White is capable of producing a coating of a film thickness similar to that of a spray gun applied product.
  • The convenience of using a paint in an aerosol means that masking is keep to a minimum.
  • Mixing paint and cleaning spray equipment are avoided as a result of using U-POL Power Can Aerosols leading to savings in time and materials.
  • All U-POL Power Cans are Isocyanate Free.
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Convenience of a spray can reduces paint consumption and waste
  • Economic, durable topcoats
  • Dry Time: 30 mins
  • Re-Coat Time: 20 - 30 mins
  • Colour: Gloss White
  • Size: 500ml
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Paint Type: Topcoat

Please note:

Due to printing limitations, the colour may vary from the cap and can colour.

400ml Cans have 100ml paint and 300ml propellant. It will do approx. 1m2 of one coat.

200ml Cans have 50ml paint and 150ml propellent. It will do approx. 0.5m2 of one coat.

The above estimates are based on using a primer first especially on porous surfaces where the paint gets absorbed into the material.

We recommend using a primer then paint followed by clear lacquer for best results. Always try on a small area first before spraying the whole area.

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